bluebird through my window

“Happiness is rarely absent; it is that we know not of its presence.” ~Maurice Maternlinck

I live on the east coast, and we do have a fair number of eastern bluebirds here. Still, it is not often that I have seen them up close. In fact I can count the number of times I have had a bluebird in my sights on one hand, and each time was when I needed a gentle reminder that happiness was still inside me.

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with dementia at a time when there was lots of other transition happening in the world and in my life. Everything seemed unsettled and joy appeared to be hidden. Enter bluebird.

While I was preparing for my morning shower, I happened to glance out the bathroom window and there was a tiny bluebird perched right near our roofline. This would have been wonderful as a singular visit, but this scene repeated itself for the next two days in a row. Three consecutive bluebird sightings. Message received.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have been going through another time of unsettling with my daughter’s GI health during the past few months. Gratefully, we are finding some answers with the help of a naturopath and a GI specialist and she appears to be improving slowly but surely. But as all parents know, concern for children takes such a toll on our hearts and I suspect God knew that I needed a not so subtle reminder once again that happiness is not dependent on our circumstances. Enter bluebird once again.

We were on our way to church when I was almost certain I spotted a bluebird in a field to the right of us. I tried to show my husband and confess to being irritated when he didn’t seem to share my excitement. On the drive home, I almost had to brake for a bluebird that flew directly past our windshield (about 30 yards in front of us). There was no mistaking it this time. Message definitely received.

What about you? Have you had visits from animals or other messengers when you needed it? How did you respond?