many small steps

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to take a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Chinese proverb

Making small changes is so counter culture in a society which embraces the notion that doing and being are the same thing. How often have you heard sayings like ” If you want something done correctly, do it yourself?” or ” If you want something done, give it to the person who is always busy?” While there is some truth to these sayings, it does not follow that this forced busy-ness is a healthy way of life.

Even adding knowledge can feel like a competition as our egos naturally want to be “the expert” in whatever field or interest we happen to be studying. I used to pride myself on being very knowledgeable in the field of education, but as I have aged I hope humility and life have taught me that I am not an expert, and have to keep an open and receptive mind, like a child.

My daughter’s recent gastroparesis diagnosis has opened up the world of natural medicine to my family in a new way. When visits to the GI specialist were causing an incredible amount of anxiety for all of us, I took a friend’s advice and made an appointment with a Naturopath in a different town. The whole experience was so different for us. The setting of the office was a beautiful historic house that was homey and healing. As is consistent with natural medicine, the appointment felt peaceful and unrushed and my daughter and I both had the sense of being heard. And although the remedies did not provide instantaneous results, she has gotten better each week and we are so grateful.

The temptation for me is to now try to quickly gobble up everything I can find on holistic living as I feel that I am so behind! Although I confess to checking out copious library books on the subject, some I have turned back in before completing because instinctively I knew I was taking in too much information. And so I am making small changes. Small changes in our diet, continuing in my inner healing/acoa recovery path, just reminding myself to connect to God and the earth, planting medicinal herbs and flowers in our garden this year. Remembering that good organic tea is also a medicine. Embracing my true nature as a person who is “called to small,” and just following where that leads.

Along the way, I have found a few resources that I would like to share here, where you will find some gentle wisdom and beauty to help you on your path.

For many years I have loved the community wisteria and sunshine hosted by Lesley Austin. I have not found anything else like it in terms of kindred smallness. I gave myself the gift of membership this year and do not regret it for one second.

And if you are interested in herbs and natural medicine, I have found mountain rose herbs to be an invaluable site with sound guidance in online and in person classes that you can take if you would like to further your knowledge.

Lilipoh Magazine is a Waldorf based magazine that has rich information in natural healing. I ordered their Holistic Wellness Guide which is kind of an abc for natural home remedies.

Be gentle with yourselves, dear people, with those around you, and with the earth.



2 thoughts on “many small steps”

  1. I have been struggling with frozen shoulder since October. You better believe I just want to fix it. Now. Yesterday actually. And . . . I’m listening deeply to what my body is telling me and where she is leading me. So much wisdom. Mostly the kind I don’t think I need, thank-you-very-much. Which is exactly the kind of wisdom I need. Thank you.

    Can’t wait to see you in person.

    Kindred. xxoo


    1. I too, am learning the wisdom of the body. It is a learning curve, but she’s gracious:) Cannot wait to see you either. What a gift.


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