Making a home for happiness

In an earlier post I wrote about the significance that bluebirds have played in my life during the past several months.

As my word for 2019 is DELIBERATE, I decided to try to make bluebird sightings less happenstance by setting up a bluebird house in our yard. It sounds simple, and it is on most levels, but there are things to know when trying to create an amenable space for any wildlife. And in my symbolic method of interpreting things, I would say that some of the same principles could apply to the psyche.

The location of the bluebird box is important. Under a tree or any space where there are other birds (particularly sparrows) is a definite no. Bluebirds need a wide margin to establish their nests. Setting up several bluebird houses together is a good idea because it forms a kind of a barrier to the possibility of house sparrows commandeering the nest and harming the eggs or the babies. I learned too late that it is also beneficial to make a kind of scarecrow (see here) as an additional sparrow deterrent.

The nest takes a few weeks to create. And the eggs take a few weeks to incubate. and a few more weeks until the (very ugly at first) babies are ready to fly away. And then the nesting cup gets replaced to start the process all over again

With some hesitation and fear of oversimplifying and sentimentalizing, I can say that I have found by experience that there are some crossover guidelines for happiness in ourselves.

  • Allowing ourselves the needed elbow room for our own healing and happiness.
  • Knowing that even “good things” can take over our attempts for inner peace and our best life if we do not set boundaries.
  • Although we need to love all people, discernment is needed to know who to invite into the inner sanctum. Having a few like minded friends (even one) nearby can provide some protection from intruders.
  • Happiness takes time to establish and there are times to just leave it alone and let it grow organically.
  • Happiness may not look like what we think it should at first.
  • If we want more happiness, we need to keep making deliberate room for it and intentionally invite it in.

Tomorrow I will be replacing the nesting cup and starting on another intentional joy invitation: something I am calling “the Emily project” for now. On the anniversary of her death, May 15, I am gifting myself the next 12 months to immerse myself a bit more in Emily world. Poetry, biographies, nature, and many to be determined pieces will frame the year. Walking the tricky middle road of protecting my time and keeping a sense of adventure will be a challenge for me I know, but I feel ready.

Wishing you spaciousness for your own overtures to joy.


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