How important is self-awareness? (Enneagram thoughts)

Since my teen years, I have studied and been fascinated by personality typing, starting with the well-known Myers-Briggs and the increasingly prominent Enneagram. I have vascilated between telling myself that personality isn’t important to thinking it is critical to our understanding of ourselves and others.

In terms of Enneagram types, there is so much to know and understand that it really can feel like a rabbit hole with an elaborate underground maze. I had always thought that I was a 4w5 because of some of my behaviors and internal intensity. But as I began reading more about the Enneagram and noticing what my motivations were I seriously began wondering if I might be a 5w4. I kept telling myself it didn’t matter, but the question was not letting me go for whatever reason.

The purpose of the Enneagram, we are told, is not to get stuck at whatever our core type is, but to transcend it and become more whole. But I am going to say that (I believe) that it is important first to know and really understand our type because we need a home base. I am also going to go out on a limb here and say that one ought to start by appreciating your core type as the first step of self-acceptance. Internal health will LOOK and FEEL differently to each type as we move toward integration.

I chose this year to work with an Enneagram coach via skype and found our meeting most instructive. She gave me several new points to consider as well as some valuable feedback. Additionally, I finally invested in the iEQ9 to get more insight. I tried my best not to be attached to any outcome so the results would be more accurate.

It turns out that I am a 5w4 after all of these years of firmly believing I was a 4w5. Some of the differences are subtle, some revolutionary in understanding the motivation behind what I do. As a 5, a lot of my thoughts center around not expending too much emotional or mental energy. I love nothing better than seeing problems as puzzles to be solved. I can almost sense connections zinging in my brain when I am working out a problem or making a plan. And one of the main reasons I thought I was a four for so long was that I tend to think in symbols. It turns out that symbol reading is also a major strength of the 5.

If you are wondering about your Enneagram type and really would like some feedback and accuracy, I do highly recommend working with a coach (make sure that they are certified) and the iEQ9. I think it will make a significant difference in my life moving forward.

Yours in understanding,


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