As has become fairly common in recent years, I like to choose an intention word for the coming year. My birthday happens to fall two days before the New Year so it always seems that I get a little boost in thinking of possibilities for the upcoming 12 months.

Last year my word was “deliberate,” and it was the perfect word for 2019. I was and still am learning to set boundaries with myself and others, and take ownership of my life in new ways. In preparation for 2020, however, I was having an incredibly difficult time selecting a word, and my tendency to overthink was complicating matters. I opted to let it rest and see what came to me over time.

A few days ago, I had the rare gift of time alone in my converted art shed. My 8 -year- old daughter was doing her annual Christmas cookie baking with her godmother, so I had several hours just to putter and play. I decided to cut snowflakes, which surprised me because it was such an uncomplicated art project and it felt somehow that I should choose a more serious pursuit given my rare gift of time alone. But I listened to what I really wanted to do and it was wonderfully rewarding.

I had a set of twenty patterns that I was eager to try. Normally I just do free form cutting, so following a set design was new. As I carefully cut each one, I had a gentle but giddy joy in seeing what each one revealed when it was opened and how just a few changes to shapes cut out completely altered the handiwork. I was tempted to stop after I had finished about eight snowflakes, but I chose instead to see it through.

So simple. But now when I see the cut paper creations in my window I am reminded that if I allow myself to follow what I love and trust the process that there can be childlike wonder when the work is completed. The word unfold occurred to me in connection with this project and as a guiding word for 2020. I appreciate that it signifies a gentle unveiling so that the fragile things remain protected until just the right time.

As I have been slowly moving out of an overly wary and vigilant “waiting for the other shoe to drop” way of living, I look forward to many quiet moments of “Ahhhhhh,” when faced with the surprise of how beautiful life can really be. I can trust my Higher Power (God) to let my life unfold as it should when I participate in its intricate and delicate design.

Have a beautiful and intentional New Year, friends,


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