in a grain of sand

To see the world in a grain of sand

and heaven in a wildflower

hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour. ~ William Blake

This poem just speaks to everything that I would like to embody in my life. To be able to take something tiny, or seemingly insignificant and imagine it encompassing the universe seems to be the essence of mindfulness. I am not very advanced in the art of focus as of yet, but something that has helped me is to make mental list of things that bring me simple joy so that when I encounter them during the day I am more inclined to stop and give them my full attention.

In the spirit of the New Year, here is a list of twenty items that bring a smile to my face.

robins, chickadees, seashells, stars, night time, coffee, tea, candles, cinnamon, pine needle smell, haiku poetry, illustrations by gyo fujikawa, sashiko embroidery, chopsticks, Japanese food, wool socks, matroyshka dolls, origami paper, and naturally, anything by emily dickinson.

Perhaps you have a list of your own? I’d love to hear it!

Wishing you a magical year of small and expansive miraculous things,


6 thoughts on “in a grain of sand”

  1. That quote is one of my favorites. I love it because it’s beautiful and because I have felt its truth many times over in my life. And in reply to your lovely list, here are some things that make me smile: chuckling babies, vanilla ice cream, old books, small furry herbivores, reading in bed, jeans that fit, wind, the sound of surf on sand, writing, summer evenings.


  2. I love this idea of 20 things that make you smile! This exercise seems especially important now as we leave Christmas and edge into the depths of winter. My fav on your list are the illustrations by Gyo Fujisawa! A smile comes to my face when I remember reading with my boys from her beautiful alphabet book. 📖


    1. Angelina, Thank you so much for commenting here. We have had several of Gyo’s books, the one we have used the most is the Children’s Poetry book. Pages are falling out from years of use:) Same with Rosemary Well’s Mother Goose book that I’ve had since my (now) adult boys were little. I loved peeking at your blog and your lovely photos of your daughter. I look forward to seeing more!

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