little stitches in silence

…silence is the key. I don’t always find that key, but when I do, I simply enter. ~Br. David Steindl-Rast

I find myself needing to go back to the beginning so often. I know enough about myself to be fully aware that when I try to take on too many things they all fall apart and I do too. I started this online space, after all, as a reminder to myself to be mindful and to take care of my heart. But sometimes even when we know something intellectually we have to keep learning it until we know it in our marrow.

I have found myself fragmented during the past few days. Good things are happening, to be certain. My little back yard studio has been buzzing with children and art. Things are busy and growing in our small parish. I have been more social this winter than I have in many years. These are good things. But when I forget to practice silence and mindfulness, my mind cannot settle and I have a hard time feeling connected. My patience grows thin and I have trouble finishing things.

This morning I determined to wake up and sit in silence and practice doing ONE thing at a time. I said my morning prayer, handled my early animal care responsibilities, then sat down with coffee and candle. I wrote in my gratitude journal and just allowed myself to enter into silence. How healing silence is.

I then got out my sashiko embroidery which is one of the most meditative handcrafts I know and just sewed one tiny stitch at a time. Huge out breath.

Now I can begin the day in tranquility. So grateful.



2 thoughts on “little stitches in silence”

  1. Silence is certainly essential in my life. When the children were at home I would rise very early so I could have an hour in which to rest in silence with God. Now I live alone but silence is more complex than absence of noise so I still must be intentional about being in silence. Thanks for this reflection. And blessings!


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