Mindfulness Break

I am taking a “mindfulness break” from the series on healing the divine image as it seems important with all that is happening on the world stage currently. I am also (for the time being) making my entries on mental illness private as I don’t want to cause anyone undue stress at this time when we need all of our inner strength.

Mindfulness practice has been a HUGE part of my depression and anxiety treatment over the past few years along with other components. Learning what is actually in my control, letting go of what isn’t, accepting some suffering as a natural part of life, focusing on small, manageable actions, and being present in my body are all things that are helping me and countless others not let fear rule the day during this crisis.

My son came home from college yesterday for an extended spring break and will likely be here for the entire semester as the University announced it would be cancelling all in person classes. There is a small chance he may have to go back as he is an RA for his dorm. but with so few students left in the dorms it is up in the air. But we are just taking it a day at a time.

As an interesting aside, my older sister made front page news in both her city of San Francisco and National headlines through her work with Kaiser Permanente setting up testing tents in the bay area. I am very proud of her!

I am going to include links to some helpful articles on mindfulness. May they be of use to you. My particular mindfulness practice includes calm and hopeful prayers for the intercessions of the saints. I will say I have seen many prayers answered by their help and it is a great comfort.

Here is an article on mindfulness and depression with the science of why this practice helps.

A very helpful piece from the Mindful Journal about mindfulness and stress.

I have mentioned Mindful Art Studio in the past for really high quality instruction as well as a very gentle psychological approach to art. It is a great resource.

Please stay well in body, mind, and spirit.

In serenity,


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness Break”

  1. Beautiful post Emmie! It is so important for everyone to remain focussed and calm during times like this. With Julian of Norwich I believe that “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” God is with us!


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