this is also prayer

“Let me seek, then the gift of silence, and poverty, and solitude, where everything I touch is turned into a prayer: where the sky is my prayer, the birds are my prayer, the wind in the trees is my prayer, for God is all in all.” ~ from THOUGHTS IN SOLITUDE by Thomas Merton

The day before yesterday I was replanting strawberry tops in a pot outside in hopes of growing some this year when I caught a glimpse of an earthworm off to the right. Struck by the beauty of the way its body moved by bunching up and straightening out, I put it on my finger and got a closer look before carrying it to the larger garden space.

The bluebirds are busily building their first spring nest in the house we put up for them last year. They have no knowledge of all of the outside news, they are just doing what they do in the spring: building and procreating. Seeing them each day is such a joy. I dreamed of bluebirds last night which was a nice thing to see in my sleep.

I had a funny thought last night before bed. I have been teased by my family about my tendency to [literally] hug trees. I really do love trees, especially the huge pine trees that line our property. I thought how great it is that in this time of physical uncertainty, hugging trees is still completely safe.

I say these things not in jest, but as a reminder to myself and anyone who might benefit. We have little messengers that God is with us, even in these times that feel so unsettling.

Where will you see God today?

So much love,


6 thoughts on “this is also prayer”

  1. Oh my goodness! I love snow also, but I would likely feel differently if it were more common here. Stay well and warm.


  2. I see God as the birds come trustingly to the feeder I have filled for them. They are so light and delicate, with their hollow bones and tiny little faces, and God cares for them.

    I hug trees too.

    Another long day at home in the books. Time to make dinner together and try to be at peace with one another. Your boys home or sticking it out on their own? I hope your husband is able to stay home during this time, without financial repercussions.

    Christ is still in our midst.

    Love, Rachel



    1. Love across the miles. I think birds are the most amazing creatures, they have always felt like little angel messengers of God to me. My husband is working from home most days, still checking on his folks in the field a couple of days a week but with mask and gloves and the whole bit. My middle son is finishing his senior year of college from his bedroom (online) and will not have a ceremony in May. My eldest son is working still (he is an electrician apprentice) several states away and we check in with him every few days. Christ is very much in our midst, now and always.


  3. Christ is in our midst in everything! St. Ignatius of Loyola encouraged everyone to see God in all things. We can only do that if we focus on Christ in our own lives and have a deep relationship with him. Let’s look for Christ at every turn, in every moment. The reward is the joy that you feel as you look at a bird or hug a tree. Blessings to all!


    1. I always loved that about Ignatian spirituality: seeing God in everything. It is such an earthy and grounding way to relate to God and everything in Creation. Thank you for the reminder.


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