When I was in graduate school, an age ago it seems, one of my professors told us that synthesizing of concepts is one of the highest forms of thought.

And although I am still trying to practice “one thing at a time,” with regularity, weaving different threads together has proved to be fairly exhilarating as of late as well as a way to use my strengths and experience to create and learn more deeply. It is my own spiral to follow right now.

I am currently enrolled in 4 online classes: one on Coursera called What a Plant Knows,” which is taught by the professor who wrote the book by the same name, Daniel Chamovitz. I loved the book and I am truly enjoying the course. But the information was a bit much for me to digest, so I took an idea from another class I am enrolled in via Domestika called Illustration of a Nature Diary and decided to do an illustrated nature journal for the course. It has been such fun to hand draw illustrations in a tiny forgotten moleskine journal and take little notes on each page.

So this is another encouragement to use the time we have right now as a gift to hone a skill or a craft. I would absolutely love to hear from you about new things you are learning or already known talents you are refining.

From some point on the spiral,


4 thoughts on “synthesis”

  1. Emmie, what you’re doing is inspirational. As I’m the coordinator of three different ministries in our parish, I’m spending time reaching out to everyone during this time of isolation. It’s important in a large parish like ours that the parishioners feel that their parish has not forgotten them. It can be time-consuming but I know it is appreciated. So it isn’t really anything creative but I feel it is important. And I am thankful that I can reach out via the internet although I will start phoning next week. Blessings!


  2. I have called some people this week too. There is a 90 plus year old woman in our parish that we just adore, and I called her to check on her and see if she needed anything. I will make more phone calls this week too. It is so important for us to reach out to each other right now. I know folks appreciate you doing that.


  3. We added Monopoly to our board game collection this week. I realized my daughter had never played it…we’ve had a great time too.


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