Beautiful words and music from Pablo Casals

The miracle of Bach has not appeared in any other art. To strip human nature until its divine attributes are made clear, to inform ordinary activities with spiritual fervour, to give wings of eternity to that which is most ephemeral; to make divine things human and human things divine; such is Bach, the greatest and purest moment in music of all time.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful words and music from Pablo Casals”

  1. Thank you! About 40 years ago ? my husband and I made a cassette tape recording of a Casals LP we borrowed from the library, and we didn’t have many tapes in those days, so I played that one a lot. He – and Bach played by him – are so embedded in my soul from those years. ❤


    1. That is a wonderful memory! I found Pablo Casals work through the mother of a good friend who was a classical pianist. I also read his autobiography Joys and Sorrows during those years and just fell in love with his spirit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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